Samstag, 24. November 2012

The Night is a Friend

The darker period of the year calls for some adaptions, but as long as the trails are snow free and not completely muddy so that wheels are blocked by solid packs of clay etc. there's actually no reason to stop riding offroads.
Since I invested in some serious lights (Sigma EVO PowerLED) darkenss has lost some of its threats. So currently I do a night rides every week (and I haven't been mistaken for a ..... by the hunting community as I do not blend completely with the dark woods - you remember the lights!!! and I also sport some red rear lights in flashing mode as I guess that's not typical for deers and wild boars etc.).
Jolly good ahow - you never exhaust yourself, the night takes care of the appropriate speed.

The best part of every ride is the final single-track downhill I try to do every time: trying to catch the tip of the own light beam :-)

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