Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Some Sun for a Change

Well - Malta again, and again a ride with this excellent bunch of Maltese MTB-riders, a very enthusiastic crowd who do not shy any conditions. Well the weather was fine, the trails in some parts muddy as can be - clay and reeds - you better build walls with it, but not plaster it on your chains, derailleurs and gear. It immediately caused some serious damage with broken derailleurs. Sorry guys for this mischief.
Finally I ended up with a group of energetic youngsters whose speed was quite exhausting. A number of scenic pics, sun, thrilling trails and friendly company make for a perfect MTB-experience on the naturally beautiful Gozo island. And finally the best pizza (Gozitan style) ever from a bakery in in-Nadur - what a treat!

Thanks guys, it was awesome!!!

Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Relaxing in a stressful period

When the workload increases, the weather actually becomes better. How this? Well, the more work indoors, the more I yearn for the outdoors. And the weather actually can't keep me from having some fun  - so rain and strong winds are not even a nuisance, but rather an ingredient for a more intensive experience. Following this rationale I walked my snowshoes to our nearest molehill, the Waldberg, our dog Hannibal joined me eagerly. Enjoy the pics, it was pouring with rain.