Donnerstag, 26. Dezember 2013

Kirchenwald-Trail Umpteenth time

just to show some of our activities.

My Holy Trail
a little video-clip on

Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Seasonal Greetings

Enjoyed all the trails in 2013
Going to enjoy 2014
Will ride as much as I can
Old trails, new trails or just X-country
And if that's not enough - I'll ride some more.

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Just a little ride

Relaxed, did a technical trail and thenhad this tree trunk lying on the track:

The trunk

Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Art and the Mountainbike

Today#s ride was all about stamina: cold and strong wind, temperature 0-2°C, deep muddy offroad tracks, slippery downhills and a little sculpture art + my friends posing as artsy replicas of a Rodin sujet. Summary: Great ride ( ... as always!)

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013


Above: right now
Below: not quite a month ago

Below:some months ago

Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

The Weekend Treat

Now that we have begun December I can start looking back:
e.g. that we haven't missed a weekend ride so far this year - 4 more to come and it looks good for a new record.
This weekend we did a leisurely 2 hrs / 22 km / 500 m altitude ride ( in excellent mood if I may add)