Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2015

Old Year's Reunion

All the old friends came, Andi brought his son (WorldCup 4-Crosser) Lukas and his friend, Franz threw in his perfect ride, the e-mtb, Renè his 29-er and all his power, left me pretty armourless except that I had to plan the route. So finally we made it to our route Highlight "The Glockenberg". The riding was awesomely exhausting, muddy, slippery, but also awesomewly rewarding in terms of adventure and good feelings. This wraps up this year's MTB-riding and opens up perspectives for next year's adventures.

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

Sonntag, 15. November 2015

Pilgrimage ctd. - the final walk this year

This time a staggering 36 km between Kirchberg/wagram and Krems. On our last few kilometers we lost the way and deviated through vinyards on steep terraces. The extra kms hurt, but did not kill the spirit.
My group of pilgrims did well and so we finished in Krems in good spirits and in a joy ful mood.

Montag, 9. November 2015

Pilgrimage ctd.

And more kilometers walking. Tough I kind of miss my bike rides, the one direction dedication to walk for 30km in one stretch pushes me on - that is how fascination develops.

Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015


Camino de Santiago
Following the Way of St. James for a few days. I can pick it up hust outside my frontdoor. So for 3 days I'm switching from MTB to feet. Slower, but also rewarding. Keep you posted about this experience.

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

Riding the Weinviertel

... with two of my best friends produces lasting memories. Something to tell each other at campfires (virtual, actual, with beer or without). This year's ride had us bike to Falkenstein and back and a couple of new trails with autumnly beauty galore.

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Body Chemistry

We ride on whatever the weather, the season, the reason may be! Enjoy!

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

Malta (10th time around)

Although it's a small archipelago every time I come around I find some surprising new sights, views or moods. This year's special was travelling with my youngest daughter (additionally to my students).
This late summer event is welcome every year ( and so for the next three years probably) :-)

Dienstag, 1. September 2015

This Summer's Story

This has been a splendid summer the ingredients of which where a holiday abroad, a few tours with friends, a hard sprint triathlon, a number of cool spontaneous feasts and quite a lot of ramblings on the MTB alone in our splendid area. The resume could be: there's a lot of world, life and company around you - so enjoy!

And then there was another highlight (not for the first time, but for the first time this year - sometines you forget about great experiences):
Riding into the Night - the fading light of the day casts long shadows, stark colours and finally changes your favourite trails into real challenges. When it boils down to a little moonlight and your handlebar light the well-known trails turns into a monster; a gentle monster but nevertheless a monster throwing rocks, surprising twists at you and hitting you with unexpected twigs, twines and branches. Anyway - rewarding altogether: to wrap it up - the night is your friend!

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015


The season for overnighters has already begun. So long rides and sweet dreams under the endless sky are the way to go for the next 4 months. I seem to be slowing down but enjoying the rides more. Whatever it's still all about saddling up and riding cross country. Enjoy and share your adventures.

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Weinviertel-Tour (Leiserbergblickrunde)

Mit coolen Leuten die Erstbefahrung der Leiserbergblickrunde durchgeführt.
Another fine track which encompasses the patient and spacious beauty of our landscape. A pre- rainstorm sky added to the light and shine of this area, right in the heart of the Weinviertel.
3:30 net riding time, 780 m altitude, 45 km, predominantely off-road.