Samstag, 23. März 2013

Winter prolonged

Well, cold again. Today we had some -4°C for starters - COOL :-) The wind is stiff north, so we are far from the southern winds that help you lift and spread your wings. But these days are perfect for training: they teach you overcome adversities. Pedal against the wind, lose the feel for your toes and finger tips no matter what gear you are sporting. But then appreciate the immediate warmth when you turn back or enter some protecting forest path. Nature can make you humble, although I guess that#s not Nature's intent, maybe it man's hybris to expect better than normal conditions.

Essence: the weather is what it is and will be so for the future; and that's a good thing. It makes things different from last time around. And there's some reward in rides in harsh weather conditions: it may brighten up later!