Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

My Best Remedy: MTB

A week ago I successfully mastered the Graz Marathon: 24 furiously fast kilometers which let me believe I was a born runner, then a cramp - out of the blue; my first cramp ever; in my right hand lower leg - only the fact that I carried my daughter's race nutrition let me stagger on to pass it on to our family for handing it forward to Hannah - then fight but I succeeded and reached the finish in 4:47:xx. By the way Hannah ran an excellent race in 4:17:xx - see the difference in the two top pics.
I thought that no sports would heal everything within a week. Legs hurt more, then less, then more again. I resorted to "Voltaren" and felt weary as the various pains didn't receed.
Today I decided to ride my bike as hard as I can: René and I rode to the Buschberg and back - and when we came back I felt completely OK again: no pain, no itch, no nothing at all! One can't be sure that it will always work wonder, but as long as riding my bike does the trick, I'm very grateful, indeed.

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  3. Ich schaue auf deine große junge Firma und stolz. Das ist gut, das ist sehr gut! Über das Ziel setzen und sie erreichen klick Hier. Fahrräder für jeden Geschmack. Du wirst im neuen Sattel großartig aussehen.