Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

My Best Remedy: MTB

A week ago I successfully mastered the Graz Marathon: 24 furiously fast kilometers which let me believe I was a born runner, then a cramp - out of the blue; my first cramp ever; in my right hand lower leg - only the fact that I carried my daughter's race nutrition let me stagger on to pass it on to our family for handing it forward to Hannah - then fight but I succeeded and reached the finish in 4:47:xx. By the way Hannah ran an excellent race in 4:17:xx - see the difference in the two top pics.
I thought that no sports would heal everything within a week. Legs hurt more, then less, then more again. I resorted to "Voltaren" and felt weary as the various pains didn't receed.
Today I decided to ride my bike as hard as I can: René and I rode to the Buschberg and back - and when we came back I felt completely OK again: no pain, no itch, no nothing at all! One can't be sure that it will always work wonder, but as long as riding my bike does the trick, I'm very grateful, indeed.

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