Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

New Kid on the Block

We've been riding our MTBs over an uncountable number of years in a relatively small group every Sunday. A few years ago one of our friends decided to ride slower and not on Sundays, but due to his retirement rather during the week. 1 DOWN. Pretty much that time a younger gun joined our group, making us three riders again. 1UP. Just 3 years ago another sharp rider joined in, at first with a pretty poor bike, but then he was pretty well trained to make up what he missed in technology and comfort. Now he has improved his gear to a Carbon Fully. 1 UP. And of today there is another one joining in. A "Sella Ronda" veteran and also pretty sharp. I heartily welcome him and really enjoy riding with this group: Andi, René, Helmut and Paolo. They let me be the oldest by far (thanks, lads), but then they don't let me slow down by pushing hard.

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