Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Last of a fine year

Another of these Sunday morning rides - and again an especially enjoyable one. Renè and Andi showed me how to ride steep climbs fast (at least not as slow as me), René and I showed Andi how to ride downhills, we showed each other how to ride technical trails (this time the Beaver-Trail along the Russbach-creek), Andi showed René and me how to ride up a very steep ledge and I showed the boys how to ride the well known trails in new and thrilling combinations by yelling directions at them from the back of the pack. 2.5 hrs later we were a bit spent, thirsty and hilarious (so much oxygen takes its toll).
Having finished the riding year in style, let's look forward to the trails to come.
The best of health to you! Cheers! and 

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